by Moontrap

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released November 6, 2013

Moontrap are:
Harry Smyth- Vocals
Alberto Chinchilla- Guitar
Manuel Navas - Guitar
Rodrigo Guadián - Bass
Alberto Diego - Drums

Recorded by Juan Blas at Westline Studios
Mastered at Ultramarinos Costa Brava
Cover Art by Miguel A. Tejedor
All songs by Moontrap



all rights reserved


Moontrap Madrid, Spain

Moontrap is a five piece musical outfit based in Madrid with influences ranging from indie rock to post punk and beyond. Moontrap began fusing these elements in the autumn of 2012 in the hopes of transmitting their sonic offering to as many ears as possible. ... more

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Track Name: Backbone
Your sense of disdain got lucky today,
got lucky today as the truth was maimed
The prize left to gain, that personal gain,
that personal gain that gets you off

You just can’t refrain from actions inane,
these actions inane
What’s left to retain now you’ve dispensed the pain
and perpetrate all these crimes anew?

When lies come to call, you follow
When knives need to fall, you’re hollow
When lies come to call, you follow

Your culture of blame, the beasts that it tames,
the beasts that it tames branded by the same
You make us feel crude, we're pitch black of mood
when we’re forced into our cage again

And I know your faith grows
You’ve all but disposed of substance and prose,
the substance and prose hanging by a thread

When lies come to call, you follow
When knives need to fall, you’re hollow
When lies come to call, you follow

Relics of yourself scatter across
Fragments of thought they die on the ground
Track Name: AITIT
You were never adverse to fake
a sickening pride in everything
But golden boys always fall
from the apex of their role

Comparisons always gleaned
a bias practiced well and preened
No matter what we achieved
we never brought you to your knees
Ironic only he could please

All it takes is time, all it takes is one
But all it takes is time to be their bastard son

A remnant you installed
a rivalry to logic’s torch
It ails me just to say
sometimes I hope he fails

Our good deeds go upraised
you analyze distorted gaze
Hits the bottle enjoys the flow
and never thinks to take it slow
With his self-loathing in tow
Track Name: Go Quietly
One too many times you've played that card my friend
Boys who cry wolf should learn before they get older
Take stock of their flock for all doubt to fade out

Far too many rocks on ths level playing field
Cause us all to trip and fall on your discarded clovers
Tick tock, placing the blame, tick tock, smearing the stain, tick tock, seconds remain, tick tock, it's always the same

The sky's grey with rain but maintain we'll yell back
We open our veins just to feign it's our pact
We'll call you those names so profane like they're facts
Until then we'll wait for the flood to break

Misery is cold and always loves company
But burdens can be shed, know that before this is over
Tick tock, shooting your mouth, tick tock, off like a gun, tick tock, taking your aim, tick tock, now that we're gone
Track Name: A Fatal Dance of Hearts and Minds
And it told me I should see,
there are no dissidents
No reprieves
and no one to make a sound

But I feel like a moth to a flame and can’t get out of its way
Coz’ I feel I was born in the grave, it’s the rules I hate

Coz’ I just wanted to say, can I take that turn again
Coz’ I just wanted to stay in fear’s pain
Coz’ I just wanted to bay, for one more yesterday
Coz’ I just wanted to stay and feel shame

And the truth was all too plain,
to side-step consequence
Or fan the flames
and beckon an early call

Coz’ I feel like I’m stuck in the game without a license to fray
But I feel like I’m privileged to play, as it casts the bait

And all this time, I used it well, closed off bliss and opened hell
To question why, we are inclined, a fatal dance of hearts and minds